A mental health epidemic is brewing in the education industry

Calm partners with educational institutions to enhance mental health support and access for students, faculty, and staff.

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Educators are unsung heroes... Unfortunately, people often think the answer to burnout is to quit or change careers, when it could be better addressed, or even avoided, with preventive tools. That’s why we made preventive support for mental health a top priority.”

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Kinsey Klasnich

Benefits Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools

We asked 2000+ employees in the US to uncover how education employees are feeling when it comes to their mental health.


of faculty respondents want more mental health support from their employer – more than any other industry


of faculty respondents feel depressed and hopeless – compared to overall average of 31%


of faculty respondents report they have access to mental health tools – below the overall average of 32%

Mental Health Benefits: Education Industry Benchmarking Report

Data on the emerging mental health needs and benefit gaps within education.

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Mental Health Benefits Education Report

At a time when the student mental health crisis and faculty burnout are worsening, Calm makes the mental health journey simple, accessible, and inclusive.

The positive impact of Calm across the education industry

As a result [of Calm Business], our employees are mentally happier and more engaged– ultimately enhancing our university’s ability to recruit and retain talent.

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Dan Warzoha

Manager of Employee Wellness, Sacred Heart University

…the app has provided me with immediate support for my mental health that has been invaluable.

Faculty Member

Duluth Public Schools

I have been using Calm every day, multiple times per day. This has been one of the best benefits that Sacred Heart University has offered.

Faculty Member

Sacred Heart University

If you feel stressed or anxious, you might not feel like you need a therapist or have the time to see one. But a mental health self-care tool like Calm lets you take care of yourself in a way that’s private and manageable with your schedule.

a woman wearing glasses and a turtle neck sweater

Kinsey Klasnich

Benefits Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools

I use the data I find in the [Calm Business] dashboard to tailor my communications and inspire my wellness programming.

a man with a beard wearing a blue shirt and tie

Dan Warzoha

Manager of Employee Wellness, Sacred Heart University

The support and tools Calm provides to simplify administration and drive employee engagement are a lifesaver for a department of our size. Each month, we receive email templates, links to content, calendars, and e-books centered around a theme. I’m often doing a dozen things at once and having these tools helps keep awareness top of mind across our educators and staff.

a woman wearing glasses and a turtle neck sweater

Kinsey Klasnich

Benefits Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools

I use the monthly engagement strategies and resources that Calm’s Customer Success Team provides in all our wellness programs.

a man with a beard wearing a blue shirt and tie

Dan Warzoha

Manager of Employee Wellness, Sacred Heart University

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The positive impact of Calm across the global workforce

Every month, we put Calm’s mindful living calendars on our company intranet. We also print and post them on our chalkboards in different areas of our breweries. We realized this was popular when we didn’t have them posted on the first of one month and started getting emails from employees.

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Andie Callahan

Wellness Manager at Sierra Nevada

Since we started our Calm for Business partnership, I’ve seen Calm continue to improve the services and support offered to us. Our company is heavily integrating Calm tools and resources into our company’s wellness programming.

Benefits Administrator

Food/Beverage Company

The Calm team has been fabulous—super-supportive and always helpful. The support has exceeded my expectations. Setting up our portal was easy and seamless. Adoption by staff has met our targets within two months and the feedback from our people has been positive.

Benefits Administrator

Pharmaceutical Company

As a result of our Mindful Manager program, 60% of managers reported less stress-related impairment in their day-to-day activities, and 54% were better able to regulate and rephrase their emotions.

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Erika Sheridan

Associate Director of People Experience at Ogilvy

We found that Calm Business is a tangible, easy-to-use benefit with immediate effects. It’s really important that we proactively reduce stress and anxiety and offer a preventive mental health tool as a first step for employees who are struggling. That’s how I see Calm Business, and I’m proud to offer it to our employees.

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Katja Meeuwsen-Nass


We like Calm’s focus on cultural relevance when it comes to mental health. It’s a platform that taps into instructors from local regions and ethnicities to develop culturally relevant mental health resources. It’s not just a bot translation.

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Jen Bergman

Global Benefits & Well-Being Program Manager at Zendesk

Working with Calm has been EASY. The many resources provided to us by Calm are professional and progressive and the admin work is very light.

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Natalie Chandler

Total Rewards Manager, Salo LLC

We featured Chibs Okereke from Calm as a speaker on stress and burnout at our company retreat. Chibs did a phenomenal job and it was a really special way to roll out Calm as a new benefit to our employees. Being a small company, our employees take on a lot and burnout is real. Chibs is witty and engaging and his keynote workshop had a profound impact on our employees. Our employees left feeling rejuvenated and with a greater sense of connection to our organization as a whole.

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Marcelle Miller

Chief People Officer, Kodiak Cakes

[Calm] has carried me through some of the darkest days/months of my life. It’s there at 2am when I can’t sleep[,] when I am having a panic attack or want to start the day mindfully.

Calm User

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