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2023 Mental Health Benefits: Education Benchmarking Report

For more information on the emerging mental health needs and benefit gaps within education, check out our industry benchmark report.

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Mental Health Benefits Education Report

We asked 2000+ employees in the US to uncover how education employees are feeling when it comes to their mental health.

Percent of Education respondents with these challenges:


Stress and anxious


Depressed and hopeless


Difficulty falling asleep

The positive impact of Calm Business across the global workforce

The support and tools Calm provides to simplify administration and drive employee engagement are a lifesaver for a department of our size. Each month, we receive email templates, links to content, calendars, and e-books centered around a theme. I’m often doing a dozen things at once and having these tools helps keep awareness top of mind across our educators and staff.

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Kinsey Klasnich

Benefits Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools

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