Proven efficacy confirmed by science

Calm is built on the foundation of evidence-based research to ensure our results are credible and repeatable

Anchored to the gold standard of randomized controlled trials

Beyond user- and employee-reported feedback, Calm is based on conclusions from hypothesis-driven studies to remove biases early and consistently.

Findings supported by the scientific community

Calm Science has generated over 26 peer-reviewed publications that validate Calm’s benefit across various user populations

Continued investment in premier mental health research

Calm is the only corporate wellness solution for mental health to receive funding from the National Institute of Health, which demonstrates our ability to conduct science the caliber of that of top research institutions and medical centers.

Across multiple randomized controlled trials, those who used Calm for just 8 weeks experienced significant improvements

Employee users


reduction in depression symptoms


reduction in anxiety symptoms


reduction in insomnia symptoms


reduction in daytime sleepiness

a man laying on top of a bed next to a pillow

Adults with trouble sleeping

Helped adults feel more relaxed at night, leading to lower fatigue and improved mental health


a group of people sitting at a table with laptops

College Students

Reduced stress and improved the mindfulness of undergraduate students


Real-world impact at Calm organizations

the logo for zendedesk

How Zendesk Cares for the Whole Person Across All Facets of Work and Life

As part of a multi-faceted approach to mental health, Zendesk partnered with Calm Business to provide culturally relevant mental health support across its well-being pillars.

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the logo for wigley's

How Ogilvy’s Mindful Manager Program Improved Workplace Stress and Mental Well-Being

Ogilvy partnered with Calm Business to implement a Mindful Manager Program that resulted in 60% of managers reporting a reduction in stress and 54% citing better regulation of emotions.

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the logo for asics

ASICS Takes A Preventive Approach to Mental Health with Calm

Recognizing that persistent workplace stress can be a risk factor for mental health conditions, ASICS partnered with Calm Business to reduce stress and burnout as part of a proactive, preventive approach to mental health.

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Stories from those who turn to Calm

[Calm] has carried me through some of the darkest days/months of my life. It’s there at 2am when I can’t sleep[,] when I am having a panic attack or want to start the day mindfully.

Calm User

Last year, I [experienced] a caustic work environment. Calm provided me with relaxation techniques, reduction of stress, and sleep. Recently, I also lost my mom[;] Calm helped me handle the pain, tears, stress, and sadness.

Calm User

It helps having [Calm] that works to turn to in the hard times. Even made special moments as I played sleep stories with my kid. The breathing [exercises] helped both my son and myself when waiting for [the] ambulance for him.

Calm User

Calm has been a great tool in my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer unexpectedly. The journey was not easy and life changing. Through the use of Calm I was able to focus on positive thinking, learn strategies to release negativity, incorporate techniques to help me stay calm and rest well.

Calm User

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