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Easily access Calm’s mental health resources

Show your commitment to your people’s mental health journey by giving them access to Calm resources in workplace tools that are used daily.

Fully secured individual and organizational data

All data exchanged through our integrations are protected and secured with the same rigor across Calm.

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Rest assured— there are no additional fees associated with our integration partners. We want you to focus on getting the most out of your Calm plan.

Calm Business + Microsoft Teams integration

Calm for Microsoft Teams

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Teams to bring Calm’s scientifically-backed mindfulness and well-being content to organizations. Employees can seamlessly incorporate Calm into their workday and meetings directly within Microsoft Teams. 

Key Features:

  • Listen to  the entire Calm library of more than 3,000 pieces of content 
  • Hold more effective meetings by kickstarting team meetings or company-wide gatherings with a group meditation and sharing relevant content through chat
  • Schedule mindful reminders to take daily breaks throughout the workday to support mindfulness and protect employee personal time

Main Benefits:

  • Make mental health resources easier to access by bringing Calm to a platform that your organization uses daily 
  • Encourage moments of reset, without missing a beat by seamlessly integrating mindfulness breaks throughout the workday, leaving teams feeling focused, connected and energized.
  • Foster a caring community by enabling individuals and managers to create a culture that values mental well-being with Calm resources that are easy to share or play in real-time via chat and group meetings

For setup information, please visit this support article.

a screen shot of a web page with people on it

Calm for Zoom Meetings

Anyone in your organization can encourage daily mental health practice by sharing Calm content during their Zoom meetings, whether it’s to kick off a company-wide meeting or to reset with a smaller team.

Key Features:

  • Directly access mental health resources in your organization’s meeting platform
  • Available exclusively for users under an Enterprise Plan

Main Benefits:

  • Users can choose from our Dailies Series and pre-meeting meditation content, all directly available through Zoom Meetings with just a few clicks!
  • Help teams feel more relaxed, productive, and connected with each other
  • Leverage this tool to build awareness and engagement of Calm across your organization

For setup information, please visit this support article.

a file with the word sstpp on it

Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)

The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is the modern approach to ensure your employee roster for Calm Business is uploaded and updated in a timely manner—without all the hassle and potential for user errors. 

Key Features: 

  • A self-serve setup that allows you to implement this integration on your own timeline 
  • Easily update employee roster on a recurring basis
  • Eliminate the manual experience of a CSV upload every time 

Main Benefits: 

  • Keep your employee roster and details up to date with SFTP
  • A set-and-forget mechanism that’ll reduce any potential issues with future file uploads 
  • Your IT admin team will be involved to ensure a proper setup is executed

For additional setup information, please visit this support article.

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