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How Ogilvy’s Mindful Manager Program Improved Workplace Stress and Mental Well-Being

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Ogilvy, a global advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, recognizes that creating strong environments for its people’s mental health and well-being is critical to its mission. With leaders playing a key role in shaping and influencing a healthy and supportive culture, Ogilvy partnered with Calm to launch a mindful manager program that drove real outcomes.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How Ogilvy implemented a mindful manager program with Calm to train managers to be more self-aware, regulate their emotions, and reduce workplace stress
  • How Ogilvy integrated Calm in its leadership training 
  • How Ogilvy’s mindful manager program with Calm resulted in 60% of managers reporting less stress and 54% better able to regulate their emotions