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From preventive to condition-specific care, Calm is trusted by employers, managers, consultants, payers, providers, and members.

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5-100 People

Team Plan

In just a few simple steps, teams and managers can deploy Calm, offering access to employees within minutes.

101+ People

Enterprise Plan

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Calm Health

Meet with an expert to learn more about this comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant platform that is designed to provide users with solutions for condition-specific needs.

Team Plan

I am looking to provide mindfulness resources and 
get insight into my team or organization of under
100 employees.

  • Unlimited access to Calm Premium content
  • Engagement resources
  • Timely analytics and insights
  • Easily transfer seat counts based on usage
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Enterprise Plan

I am looking to prioritize mental wellness as a benefit for my organization.

  • All the features of the Team Plan
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Advanced behavioral analytics
  • Access to Calm Workshops
  • Guided in-app content via Pathways
  • Dependent coverage
  • Custom employee onboarding sessions
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Calm Health

I am an employer looking to provide condition-specific programming to
my population.

  • Access to Calm Health, our HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified app and web experience
  • Evidence-based clinical programs, screenings, and a personalized care plan
  • Triage to care options beyond Calm
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Ability to adjust features at the user cohort level

Frequently asked questions

Calm for Organizations is an enterprise-level, corporate wellness solution that brings preventive mental health front and center for organizations around the globe. We believe that every company’s future is dependent on employees feeling and being their best, which leads to increased productivity and improved retention. Through Calm, organizations gain access to the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, with more than 150 million downloads and 2.5M 5-star reviews, from engaging mental wellness exercises and masterclasses to sleep stories.

Yes. Calm is being used in more than 190 countries around the globe, and our content and engagement resources have been localized into seven languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese.

The Calm Business Team Plan allows you to purchase Calm for groups of 5 to 100 employees at a discounted rate. They will receive access to the full Calm content library, which is the same in-app experience as an individually purchased subscription to Calm Premium. 

Additionally, Team Plan administrators will receive access to the following:

  • Our Calm Partner Portal, a self-serve management and analytics platform that allows you to manage team members and assess your team’s Calm usage at any time
  • Employee engagement resources to drive activation and ongoing use of Calm’s diverse in-app content
  • Exclusive, topical webinars and events throughout the year

The Calm Business Enterprise Plan is for organizations, non-profits and schools with 101+ employees and offers a robust set of advanced engagement features, behavioral analytics, access to Calm Workshops, Dependent access, and a dedicated customer success management team. If you are interested in purchasing Calm for more than 100 employees, you can book a demo here to learn more. 

The Calm Business Team Plan is a product exclusively offered to teams that range between 5 and 100 employees. You can purchase the Team Plan online with a credit/debit card and get activated quickly.

Calm Health is an invitation-only app from your health insurance plan, physician/care team, or employer. Calm Health lets you access digital mental health programs created by licensed physicians and clinicians to support specific conditions and mental health, in addition to a curated selection of popular Calm content.

  1. Users sign up for Calm Health, take a quick clinical screening using validated GAD and PHQ question sets and enter their goals, topics of interest and conditions. 
  2. With data from the screening and other user input, we craft a personalized plan for each user — helping users navigate Calm Health as well as their other benefits, as needed. 
  3. Users follow the personalized Care Plan to support their condition and mental health needs.
  4. Users will be able to track their progress, reassess areas of need, and create a new plan.

The cost of our Team Plan is based on the number of covered lives you purchase. Purchasing more seats will lead to a larger discount offer.

When a Team Plan is purchased, the payment method provided at checkout (major credit and debit cards only) will be billed as one up-front payment for the full year at the time of purchase. The subscription is activated immediately and set to automatically renew at the end of each annual billing period.

At this time, we only offer the Team Plan annually. The Team Plan is set to renew annually; auto-renewal can be disabled at any time from within the Calm Partner Portal.

Your Team Plan begins as soon as it is purchased and is set to auto-renew yearly. 

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to the Calm Partner Portal, where you will receive instructions on how to get started. In the Calm Partner Portal, you will upload your list of eligible team members’ email addresses. As soon as the file is uploaded, those employees will be able to activate their Calm account through a unique URL. You will also be offered suggestions for how to communicate the activation instructions with your employees.

People you invite to join your Calm Team can redeem one of the seats at any time as long as the Team Plan is active. The timing of the redemptions will not change the auto-renewal date of the subscription. For example, if a team member waits three months to redeem their seat, the auto-renewal date of the subscription will still be one year from the date of purchase.

The cost of the Enterprise Plan will vary based on the number of employees you are looking to offer Calm Business to and the particular needs of your organization. After a thorough review with our sales team, a tailored quote will be shared with you, inclusive of invoicing terms and schedule. To learn more, please book a demo here and one of our sales specialists will reach out with additional information.

The Calm app is open to everyone and is focused on sleep, relaxation, and daily mindfulness with a vast library of content including soothing soundscapes, guided meditations, and celebrity-narrated Sleep Stories.

Calm Health, available only through selected health insurance plans, physician/care teams, and employers, features programs designed by licensed clinicians to help users better understand their relationship with specific mental and physical health conditions. In addition to the evidence-based program, a selection of some of the most popular mindfulness content from Calm is also available. The Calm Health app is also built to comply with HITRUST security and HIPAA privacy standards and can be integrated into care programs.

Not at the moment. The Calm Health app is HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified, and can be integrated into care programs. We do provide a selection of popular Calm content within the Calm Health app.

Calm Workshops can be sold as a standalone package. Please reach out to here learn more.

Please visit our Help Center here or reach out to our Support Team here. For questions specific to Calm Health, check out these additional FAQs.

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