Jennifer Huberty, PhD

Director of Calm Science

Jennifer Huberty is an Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the College of Health Solutions. As a behavior change interventionist, her research focuses on women’s health and cancer through the development of novel interventions that utilize complementary approaches, particularly physical activity, yoga, and meditation, to improve mental and physical health. This research utilizes partnerships with industry, non-profits, and foundations to deliver national interventions for important at-risk populations. Dr. Huberty is particularly focused on integrating and leveraging evidence-based methods with industry/technology platforms to increase the reach and impact of the interventions.

Dr. Huberty currently partners with Udaya, an international, subscription-based company offering online-streamed yoga, and Calm, a subscription-based mobile-app company that delivers meditation to its over 2-million subscribers that guides mindfulness meditation and sleep experiences for its users.

Prior to these partnerships, she worked with Text4baby, a free, national mHealth service for underserved, pregnant, and postpartum women, and Go Girls Go, a nationally recognized after-school education program led by the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Dr. Huberty has an ongoing partnership conducting research utilizing Calm (6+ years). This research aims to identify, if and how, using a mobile meditation app, such as Calm, may improve mental and physical health in a variety of populations (e.g., cancer, pregnancy). Additionally, she is interested in identifying appropriate strategies to increase adherence to using mobile apps to improve health.

This work led to her consulting role as the Director of Science and Director of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at Calm. In this role, Dr. Huberty incorporates her ongoing research related to leveraging industry platforms to deliver yogic and meditative practices to improve population health by advancing the evidence base for the Calm app.

Dr. Huberty consults with Calm by providing education related to the importance of offering Calm consumers an evidence-based product, integrating behavioral theory and evidence-based strategies into app development and content, and employing survey methods to help Calm better understand their user base.

In her role as Director of Calm’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Huberty has contributed to the assembly of a team of investigators from ASU, UCLA, UAB, and Harvard to democratically develop Calm’s research priorities, make suggestions for refinement of the app using existing evidence and new evidence-based practices, and review research requests from independent investigators who want to conduct research using Calm. The Scientific Advisory Board also contributes to the development of manuscripts and grant applications for research utilizing the Calm app.

Dr. Huberty conducts investigator-initiated research that utilizes the Calm app, but Calm does not financially support her research. Dr. Huberty consults on an as-needed basis; however, her role is to ensure the quality of Calm’s science and she has no specific obligations to the company. Dr. Huberty receives no financial incentives (e.g., stocks) related to the growth or success of the company.

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