Speaking Up & Listening Up: How Mindful Leaders Are Driving the Future of Work

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At every level and on every team, what gets said and who gets heard affect our mental health and sense of belonging. In addition, when people don’t feel supported by their managers, it affects workplace innovation and talent retention, both key drivers of a successful future-of-work strategy for your organization.

How can HR and benefits leaders foster a workplace culture that promotes mental well-being and innovation?

In this webinar, Professor Megan Reitz will share the following:

  • Key findings from her groundbreaking research on how a workplace that listens up and speaks up creates a more nurturing environment for both mental health and innovation
  • How mindful managers can become more self-aware and disrupt habits that aren’t serving them
  • How building mindful managers can help increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention
  • Tips for HR and benefits leaders to build mindful managers as part of your future-of-work strategy


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Megan Reitz

Professor of Leadership, Hult International Business School, UK

Megan Reitz is professor of leadership and dialogue at Hult International Business School in the UK, where she speaks, researches, and consults on the intersection of leadership, change, dialogue, and mindfulness. She led the world’s first control trial of an eight-week mindful leader program at Ashridge Hult. She has presented her research to audiences around the world and is the author of three books: Dialogue in Organizations, Mind Time, and Speak Up. Her passion centers on how we meet, see, hear, speak, learn with, and encounter one another in organizational systems. Her research and publications, which have been featured in Harvard Business Review and Forbes magazine and on the BBC and Deutsche Welle, explore the links between mindfulness and leadership capacities for the 21st century.

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Yvonne Chen

VP of Marketing, Calm Business

Yvonne Chen has built her career in and around Silicon Valley for the last 18 years and is passionate about solving big problems. She is currently the VP of Marketing at Calm, where she is at the forefront of the future of mental health, leading partnerships with organizations of all sizes to support their workplace mental health needs. Previously, Yvonne worked at Udemy, leading and scaling global teams to address workforce talent and skill development. Before Udemy, Yvonne led product marketing teams at Facebook, operations at Google, and sales at AT&T. Yvonne holds a B.S. in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.