HR Fireside Chat: The Workplace’s Mental Health Reckoning with Ogilvy and Blumhouse Productions (part 2)

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Our panel of people leaders from Calm, Ogilvy, and Blumhouse Productions are reuniting for another encouraging conversation in support of the HR community. This fireside chat will cover a range of timely topics from HR burnout, dealing with the unique challenges of year-end projects, and how HR leaders find time to rest, recharge, and give back to ourselves, even in a busy season.

What to expect:

  • Insights from the latest Calm for Business survey on mental health at work
  • How to prevent burnout in your employees (without burning out yourself)
  • Why self-care is crucial for leaders in helping professions


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Scott Domann

Chief People Officer, Calm

​​Scott Domann is Chief People Officer of Calm, where he oversees people, learning and development, the recruitment of top talent, and operations. Throughout his career, Scott has led teams at start-ups and large companies, and he continues to create a culture founded in inclusion, creativity, and positive action. He has headed People and HR teams at leading companies such as Honey, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Disney, and Warner Bros. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kansas and a master’s degree in organizational and industrial psychology from New York University (NYU).

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James Nicholas Kinney

Global Chief DE&I Officer at Ogilvy

James is a global diversity and marketing executive, author, and speaker who has held roles both as an external consultant and an in-house practitioner—most recently in Ogilvy. His influence can be felt in the numerous companies he’s helped over the years, having helped them achieve their diversity, branding, and employee welfare goals in nonhomogenous markets and cultures.

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Karine Shahar

CHRO at Blumhouse Productions

Karine is a seasoned executive who has led People Operations across diverse industries globally. Having joined Blumhouse Productions in February 2019, she uses her experience in behavioral analytics, L&D, coaching, DEI, and change management to foster a culture of self-awareness, leveraging and solving business challenges through talent.