How Employers Can Break the Cycle of Poor Sleep and Performance on the Job

Workplace stress can affect employee sleep patterns, and in turn, poor sleep can impact their performance on the job. In fact, fatigue costs US companies around $136 billion per year in lost productivity.

In the new remote/hybrid world of work, sleep patterns are further disrupted by blurred boundaries between work and home. Join sleep psychologist Dr. Shelby Harris to learn how employers can help their workforce get better sleep–critical for both their mental and physical health as well as their performance on the job.

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the sleep and mental health connection
  • New sleep research and how you can apply these findings at your organization
  • Actionable strategies to support employee sleep to drive productivity


Shelby Harris

PsyD, DBSM, Clinical Psychologist & Sleep Specialist

Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM is a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist in private practice in NY. She is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and treats a wide variety of sleep, anxiety and depression issues using evidence-based, non-medication treatments. Her self-help book, The Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia: Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Relying on Medication was published in 2019.  Before going into private practice, she was the longstanding director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in NYC. She is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC.  Dr. Harris has been an invited columnist for the New York Times “Consults Blog,” and is frequently quoted in the media, including the New Yorker and Washington Post. She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS Mornings. Dr. Harris can also be found on Instagram and TikTok at @SleepDocShelby where she provides evidence-based information about sleep wellness and sleep disorders.

a woman smiling and looking at the camera

Yvonne Chen

VP of Marketing, Calm Business

Yvonne Chen has built her career in and around Silicon Valley for the last 18 years and is passionate about solving big problems. She is currently the VP of Marketing at Calm, where she is at the forefront of the future of mental health, leading partnerships with organizations of all sizes to support their workplace mental health needs. Previously, Yvonne worked at Udemy, leading and scaling global teams to address workforce talent and skill development. Before Udemy, Yvonne led product marketing teams at Facebook, operations at Google, and sales at AT&T. Yvonne holds a B.S. in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.