Actionable Strategies to Promote a Culture of Mental Well-Being from Culture Amp

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With economic uncertainty growing, employees are reporting record levels of stress, anxiousness, and burnout. At the same time, HR leaders are navigating waves of “quiet quitting” and employee turnover. How can HR/benefits leaders develop a workplace culture that enhances employee mental well-being and drives increased productivity and retention?

In this webinar, join Calm’s Head of Talent Development together with Culture Amp’s Lead People Partner and Senior People Scientist as they discuss:

  • Why employee productivity and engagement start with mental health
  • Actionable strategies to create a workplace culture supportive of mental health
  • How to make the employee experience a top priority to foster connection and collaboration
  • How Calm and Culture Amp leverage digital tools to improve employee well-being and productivity


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Kerri Fazzino

Lead People Partner

Kerri, a Lead People Partner for Culture Amp, plays an influential role in how Culture Amp supports global leaders and employees. She has held roles as an HR Business Partner in her 10-year career as an HR professional.

Thaddeus Rada-Bayne

Thaddeus Rada-Bayne

Senior People Scientist

Thaddeus Rada-Bayne is a Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, primarily supporting customers in the Central and Eastern regions. Before joining Culture Amp, he worked with clients in both the public and private sectors, running engagement surveys, designing and validating hiring systems, and updating promotion processes. He has also been a full-time psychology professor at a number of schools, including Edinboro University, Augsburg University, and North Central College. Thaddeus earned his MA and PhD degrees in industrial-organizational psychology at Bowling Green State University and his BA in psychology at Roosevelt University.

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Sarah Tobin

Head of Talent Development at Calm

Sarah is Head of Talent Development at Calm. Sarah has a master’s degree in psychology and uses her awareness of mental health, human motivation, and behavior change to help organizations create a high-performing workplace culture. At Calm, Sarah is responsible for learning and development, engagement, culture and community, leadership development, onboarding, DE&I, and performance management. Previously, Sarah was head of employee experience at Uber and worked as a Human Capital consultant with Deloitte.