Calm Business Bolsters Workplace Offering to Address Urgent Employee Mental Health Needs

Calm Business Bolsters Workplace Offering to Address Urgent Employee Mental Health Needs - the image shows a cell phone with Calm content behind that an admin portal for HR leaders to better understand their employee base.

The workplace mental health solution adds new integrations and features to support HR & Benefit leaders in customizing their mental health offerings to their workforces’ needs. 

San Francisco (July 11, 2023)Calm Business, the workplace mental health solution from Calm, today unveils a suite of product updates designed to uplevel employer mental health strategies and become an integral part of an employee’s wellness journey. The new updates include personalization features, workplace tool integrations and enhanced analytics. 

Employee engagement and overall well-being are low with many employees quietly quitting. Gallup shares only 23 percent of employees are thriving at work with the other 77 percent noting they are not engaged or actively disengaged. Even more alarming – the impact isn’t solely on the individual employee – people leaders are feeling the direct impact, with 98 percent experiencing burn out trying to support their teams. 

Calm Business launched in 2020, to bring workplaces Calm as a benefit for employees and provide people leaders analytics, workshops and dedicated customer service as they navigated supporting employee mental health. Today, Calm Business expands its product to address critical pain points that have emerged for HR, Benefits and business leaders and help them build customized and personalized offerings for their workforce needs. New features for people leaders include:  


  • Curated Content Pathways: Deploy in-app collections of Calm content to address organization’s unique mental health challenges.
  • EAP Promotion: Increase awareness of the company’s wellness resources by linking directly to the EAP within employees’ in-app Calm experience


  • Workplace Tool Integrations: Seamlessly integrate Calm’s mental health resources into employees’ workdays through key integrations with tools such as Zoom Meetings. Additional integrations to come in late 2023. 


  • Employee Check-Ins: Build stronger mental health strategies with anonymous, aggregate insights based on employee feedback and most engaged content topics (e.g. stress, anxiety, focus). 

“Today’s new product release was directly informed by customer feedback looking for more personalized and customized tools,” said Calm President, Alex Will. “We know people leaders are managing more than ever, all while trying to keep employee well-being high. Our Calm Business team is continually evolving our product to support customers as they build strategies unique to their workforce to increase productivity and employee happiness.” 

The new features are available for employers with 101+ employees through Calm Business’ Enterprise Plan. To serve team managers and small businesses, Calm Business has also expanded their Team Plan to support teams of 5-100 people. The Team Plan provides a self-serve version of the product and gives all employees immediate access to Calm.

“The new Calm Business features provide impactful insight into how we can respond best to our employees to support their mental health,” said Scott Brown, Group Employee Experience Manager, Environmental Resources Management (ERM). “The new offerings help us add to our benefits and allow us to take more informed and personalized steps to support our people.”

Calm Business supports more than 3,000 organizations globally in helping them improve employee mental health and wellbeing. To bring Calm Business to your organization visit

About Calm Business

Calm Business is an enterprise-level solution helping organizations and people leaders globally take a proactive and preventative approach to mental health in the workplace to improve employee productivity, engagement and overall well-being. Through Calm Business employees and their dependents gain access to Calm — the #1 meditation, mindfulness and sleep app with a library of engaging and outcome-based content such as meditations, Sleep Stories, masterclasses and more. In addition, Calm Business offers HR and people leaders the resources they need to build effective mental health strategies including organization level analytics, insights and reporting, dedicated customer service, workplace tool integrations and tailored workshops. Calm Business supports more than 3,000 organizations around the world including Accenture, KraftHeinz, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Deloitte, ASICS and Capital One.


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