3 Professionals Introduced Mindfulness into their Workdays—Here’s What Happened

Explore examples—and impact—of mindfulness in the workplace.

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We’re all juggling more than ever before—between personal commitments, navigating change, and trying to progress in our careers, how do we show up as our best selves?

Meditation and mindfulness are simple, effective tools to cope with current challenges both personally and professionally and build resilience to face whatever comes next. Three professionals across different industries, locations, and positions share the impact that mindfulness—specifically, the experience of using Calm—has had on their lives.

Encouraging calm in a crisis

N’keya Peters-Camille is a School Social Worker at the New York City Department of Education. After using Calm for two years, she’s found the benefits of mindfulness especially useful in a high-stress environment. “Calm helps me manage difficult work relationships and overall work stress,” said Peters-Camille.

“Calm has helped ground me in times of personal and professional chaos,” explained Peters-Camille. “I credit Calm as the reason I am able to remain calm in crisis situations at work and at home. I especially love the ‘Daily Calm’ sessions. I am always learning something new.”

Workday mindfulness tips to ease stress

  • Set clear boundaries for working time—being able to walk away from a designated workspace at a certain time can create physical and mental space when it’s needed.
  • Pay close attention to emotional reactions throughout the workday, noting how your body feels and where your thoughts go. Understanding these triggers can help you identify when to take a mindfulness break.

Navigating difficult conversations

Myrtle Sodhi, Student Success Transitions Counselor at the Toronto District School Board, finds Calm a useful tool for herself, as well as for her students. “I use Calm to ground myself prior to engaging in potentially stressful situations that require openness and clarity,” explained Sodhi. “At times, when I am working with students, I have used what I call a ‘Calm moment’ to interrupt a potentially charged situation. The relaxing music or a short practice is usually all it takes to get the conversation or situation to a more productive level.” A resource to build inner strength for whatever lies ahead: Sodhi noted the halo effects Calm has had on her life.

“Having an app like Calm has not only impacted my well-being, it has rippled out into the lives of everyone around me. From my workplace to my home and everywhere in between, Calm has been the best pocket-sized support. When I feel supported, I can better meet the needs of those who depend on me for support at home and in the workplace.”

Helping to create balance

Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber, Managing Director at SNR Creative, has used Calm for a year. She has noticed profound changes and counts Calm as an essential aspect of her well-being strategy. “Calm has become a mainstay in my life. I use it for 15 to 25 minutes per day and my consciousness has been raised and my life transformed as a result,” said Roberts Schreiber.

The impact of a mindfulness practice doesn’t stop once you end a session—the effects of meditation and mindful moments become apparent in other areas of regular day-to-day tasks. “Calm has been a tremendous help in my personal and professional arenas,” recalled Roberts Schreiber. “I am a more balanced and thoughtful partner, leader, and human in general.”

Workday mindfulness tips for personal growth

  • Being mindful is a journey, and there isn’t one destination. Set regular check-ins with yourself to notice the progress you’ve made, whether it’s calmer thought patterns, less reactivity, or more self-awareness.
  • If resources for mental health and well-being are available at your workplace, encourage your team to use them. If they aren’t available, speak to your HR team about what’s possible.

From easing crisis situations to defusing challenging conversations and inviting better work–life balance, a mental health platform with a diverse set of mindfulness tools is essential to meet everyday challenges, whether in the workplace or at home. Learn more about bringing Calm to your workplace here.

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