Meet These 5 Workplace Challenges with Mindfulness and Compassion

From relationship road bumps to presentation jitters, add a mindful moment to troubleshoot common workday woes.

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As the importance of mindfulness for general well-being becomes increasingly understood and accepted at an individual level, the introduction of mindfulness in the workplace is a natural progression. A mindful mindset, coupled with kindness, is the foundation to a workplace of well-being. In the workplace and beyond, mindfulness and compassion help us navigate everyday hurdles.From anxiety in preparing for presentations, friction between co-workers, and constant change—like the shift to working from home—challenges in the workplace will always be present. Read on as we explore work challenges and creative ways to cope and combat through mindfulness and compassion.

Deadline overwhelm

Who among us hasn’t felt the looming stress of too much to do, and too little time? While organization and communication can help ease the burden in situations of overwhelming workloads or fast-approaching deadlines, adding mindfulness to the equation helps put priorities—and personal well-being—at the forefront. Mindfulness helps bring attention back to the present moment, acknowledging thoughts and distractions without letting them affect your focus. As tension and stress often manifest physically, a great way to calm anxiety is through simple breathing exercises, which regulate and soothe the nervous system.

Try this: Calm’s breathing exercises draw awareness to the subtle patterns of inhales and exhales. The exercises guide slow, steady breathing to ease anxiety and encourage relaxation.

Imposter syndrome

Feeling like you aren’t deserving of opportunities, or like your opinion isn’t significant enough, can lead to imposter syndrome. Mindfulness helps us reflect and identify the stories, where we often get caught. Through a mindfulness practice, we can explore these stories with the intent of lessening any grips. Through self-compassion, we cultivate a more accepting and positive mindset—keeping us grounded to negate the negative spiral of doubt.

Try this: In ‘The Confidence Series’ meditations, Calm’s Head of Mindfulness gives you the tools for more inner strength and resilience.

Tension in work relationships

Whether it’s a new teammate, a misalignment in management style, or remote relationship issues, camaraderie between colleagues isn’t always seamless. Try viewing work relationships through a compassionate lens—with active listening and assuming good intent. Clearing conversations are another way to approach interpersonal roadblocks with respect and thoughtfulness.

Try this: Listen to Calm’s ‘Relationship with Others Series,’ which includes wisdom about empathy, receiving criticism, and other useful topics for a workplace setting.

Lack of connection in the workplace

Finding a community at work is essential for the overall well-being of employees. As the world shifts to remote and distanced workplaces, camaraderie and avenues to express compassion require more effort. Up the participation in group chat channels like Slack. Explore what organizations exist within the company for specific hobbies or interests. Now more than ever, activities to keep connection alive can ameliorate the employee experience–and if the experience is something that can strengthen mental or physical well-being, it’s a win-win.

Try this: Calm’s ‘Calm Body’ offerings include accessible, effective, guided ways to move the body mindfully—with sessions like morning wake-up and afternoon reset. Create a calendar invite for teams or co-workers to tune into a ‘Calm Body’ video together each day or a few times a week.


A recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that about two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout on the job. Studies show companies are largely responsible for creating a healthy and motivating environment. By offering mental health and well-being resources, and encouraging company-wide engagement, employees are likely to feel more motivated and satisfied in their job. But what about what happens out of the office? A healthy balance between work and home life, as well as quality sleep, are both important to reducing the risk of burnout.

Try this: Calm offers wisdom-filled masterclasses on inspiring topics led by subject matter experts. Try ‘Discovering Happiness,’ by happiness expert Shawn Anchor, to discover simple everyday habits that cultivate contentment.

Coping with workplace challenges is a joint effort between employers and employees. By offering comprehensive well-being programs including a wide range of tools and resources, employees will feel empowered to take their health into their own hands.

To explore how Calm builds a happier, healthier, more resilient workforce, contact the Calm for Business team.

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