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6 Mental Health Resources to Support Hispanic and Latinx Employees

During National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month, explore culturally relevant resources to help your Hispanic and Latinx employees strengthen their mental well-being.

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The Calm Team

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In honor of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month in the US, we’ve curated a selection of celebrated Hispanic and Latinx narrators on Calm to help you and your employees address stress, anxiety, and sleep issues while becoming more aware of the diverse cultures in the community.

Over 16% of the Hispanic and Latinx population have recently experienced a mental illness. Yet this group has less access to mental health care relative to other US populations. Accessing mental health tools to address early signs of stress, anxiety, and sleep issues are essential to a more preventive approach to mental health.

6 Calm resources to support Hispanic and Latinx employees

Below is a list of sleep stories and meditation programs from Hispanic and Latinx-identifying mindfulness experts and actors that are designed to help listeners better manage stress, anxiety, and sleep—while they celebrate the diverse cultures of Spain and Latin America.

  1. Walk Away Stress
    During the workday, there can be moments when you feel overwhelmed by stress. We encourage you to take a brisk walk in your neighborhood or on a trail in nature to reset. During the walk, try the Walk Away Stress series by Dr. Eric López, Founder & Director of the Mexican Institute for Mindfulness. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be able to find peace in the presence of walking meditations that meet you wherever you are.
  2. Headache and Migraine Release
    Dr. Eric López is a mindfulness-based stress reduction certified teacher-trainer. He created 11-minute guided meditations that can help you release your headache or migraine after a long day at work. You can also use them anytime during your workday, whenever you need one most.
  3. A Dia de Muertos Story
    When you’re ready to unwind, fall asleep to A Dia de Muertos, one of our sleep stories narrated by Thamara Aguilar, a Latin American television and film actress. In 34 minutes, you’ll be able to fall asleep to the beautiful traditions of this meaningful holiday among butterflies, candles, and Mexican marigolds.
  4. Journey through the Yungas
    If you want to take more of a scenic route while you drift away into dreamland, try out Journey through the Yungas, narrated by Tim Pabon. In 47 minutes, you’ll explore a wondrous region that links ancient forests and Andean highlands teeming with colorful life.
  5. Camino de Santiago
    If you prefer a story about walking on a sacred pilgrimage, tune in to the Camino de Santiago sleep story narrated by Ben Cura, a British Argentine actor, musician, and director. In 36 minutes, you’ll revel in the history and landscapes of northern Spain as you walk an ancient and storied trail.
  6. Dreaming with Frida
    Here’s another sleep story option for you, Dreaming with Frida, narrated by Emily Rios, a Mexican American actress and model. In 38 minutes, you’ll find inspiration in the fantastic world of this legendary surrealist painter at home in 1940s Mexico.

Friendly tip: Spanish versions of the content are also available in the app. You can access them by changing the language option in the Calm app. Go to your “Profile,” then “Settings,” and click on “Change Language” to Spanish.

Going beyond this month of celebration

Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month is a great opportunity for everyone in the US to celebrate and support the Hispanic and Latinx communities. But it extends beyond just a single point in time. The national 2022 theme is Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation, which reinforces the need to welcome diverse voices and perspectives in decision-making processes so we can continue building stronger communities and a stronger nation. 

When we embed cultural awareness into our daily lives, we create environments that allow everyone to thrive. 

For more information on how Calm Business can provide mental health benefits to support your Hispanic and Latinx employees, click here.

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