Self-Care for HR Professionals

As you strive to provide your teams with the support and mental health resources they need for their own resilience, you must not overlook your own self-care. Just as we put on our oxygen mask first, we can best support the health and happiness of others by taking care of ourselves first.

We’d like to help—with a self-care guide designed to empower you with tools to support resilience and mental wellness.

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Build in breathing space at an organizational level.

At Calm we believe that access to tools and support for your well-being is something that everyone should have. Our Calm for Business offering is something that you can bring to your whole workplace to support employee wellness.


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Support for your self-care journey

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Turning Inward: Checking on Ourselves as HR Professionals

A pre-recorded panel discussion on self-care and resilience for HR professionals.

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For your organization

Creating a Culture of Self-Care in the Workplace

An article with some of our top tips for introducing a culture of self-care into your organization.

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Stories from our community

  • Calm has helped me find chill in my days, sleep better at night, and learn to not sweat the small stuff. Through pregnancies, cancer recovery and day to day life it’s been a constant!

    Olivia, Head of Employee Experience
  • I start my day with the Daily Calm. It sets a tone for the day and trains my brain to respond with pause, rather than react. My insides are no longer shaking and I know the calmer I present myself, the calmer my children will be and the calmer my team at work will be. You simply cannot ignore stress. You need to manage it with the right tools and daily self-care.”

    Deirdre, HR Manager
  • Calm has really helped me fall asleep at night! I was having trouble falling asleep, and the Sleep Stories have really helped with that process. I haven't used the meditations but know they would be a great resource too.

    Emily, Talent Management
  • When dealing with stress at work, Calm helps me move forward. This app has so much more than just meditation!

    Le'Danjeanette, Human Resources Consultant
  • Incorporating a daily mindfulness practice into my daily routine has helped me approach not only work, but relationships with a different mindset. It has helped me to see the world through a different lens. I can’t necessarily quantify the impact that this practice has had on my life, but I can definitely feel it.

    Andom, Manager