Your Open Enrollment Survival Pack

It’s important to take care of you. That’s why we’ve curated these free resources to help you thrive during this year’s open enrollment season. You’ll find guidance around battling burnout in HR with tip sheets and workbooks to help you bring your best self to work.

Want to learn more about how Calm Business can lighten your load during Open Enrollment? Speak with an expert today.

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Reducing HR Stress and Burnout with Chibs Okereke

Learn practical strategies and get acitonable tools to help manage stress and prevent burnout in your HR role.

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The positive impact of Calm Business across the global workforce

We found that Calm Business is a tangible, easy-to-use benefit with immediate effects. It’s really important that we proactively reduce stress and anxiety and offer a preventive mental health tool as a first step for employees who are struggling. That’s how I see Calm Business, and I’m proud to offer it to our employees.

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Katja Meeuwsen-Nass


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