The Employee-Centric Mental Wellness Platform: The 8 Essentials for HR and Benefits Leaders

Everyone in the workforce experiences stress and anxiety, even if they may not have a known mental health condition.

But most mental health benefits programs focus only on treating people in crisis, or those struggling with a diagnosed disorder. Just as important is taking a preventive approach, improving mental wellness and resilience for all employees.

In this e-book, you'll learn:

  • What to look for in a comprehensive mental wellness program
  • The role mental fitness plays in employee success
  • How to promote employee engagement
  • Ways to measure and track benefits adoption

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What our partners say

  • We launched Calm to our employees at the beginning of the Pandemic in March 2020, to support our teams well-being as they began working from home in a very busy time. Our teams have found Calm very useful in this high-stress period, particularly the focus and stress meditation sessions.

    Ana Paiva - International DI&B Director and IHQ P&P Lead at Kraft Heinz UK
  • Members from departments across the company have reached out to express how much the content on Calm has helped them to process current events, improve their sleep, and even help keep their kids on track! On the administrative side, our Calm reps are amazing at answering our endless slough of questions and making sure that the app is set up to succeed for our teams. Calm has been an integral part of our pandemic response, and will continue to be an amazing benefit for our team members moving forward!

    Taylor Kotake - HR Generalist, People & Culture at Specialized
  • The team at Calm was quick to implement their program that allowed us to offer free premium subscriptions during COVID-19 to support employees with tools for stress management, sleep, emotional well-being and more. GE employees have praised all that Calm has to offer, from the sleep stories to meditations and even music.

    Autumn Strickler - Benefits at GE