Introducing our new suite of features to enhance employee mental health


Calm Business’s new portfolio of advanced features allows HR and benefits leaders to leverage actionable analytics, personalize the employee experience, and integrate Calm Business into any moment of the day.

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[WEBINAR] FIRST LOOK: Calm Business Summer Product Release 2023

Curious what Calm Business has to offer? Tune in as we unveil our new suite of advanced product features.

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View our impactful suite of new product features that are designed to drive organizational mental health forward.

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Every month, we put Calm’s mindful living calendars on our company intranet. We also print and post them on our chalkboards in different areas of our breweries. We realized this was popular when we didn’t have them posted on the first of one month and started getting emails from employees.

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Andie Callahan

Wellness Manager at Sierra Nevada

As a result of our Mindful Manager program, 60% of managers reported less stress-related impairment in their day-to-day activities, and 54% were better able to regulate and rephrase their emotions.

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Erika Sheridan

Associate Director of People Experience at Ogilvy

Burnout is a huge stressor that healthcare as an industry is going through. . . Calm has the ability to help reduce some of those side effects of stress and burnout.

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Kristen Ruble

Well-Being Manager at Parkview Health

Working with Calm has been EASY. The many resources provided to us by Calm are professional and progressive and the admin work is very light.

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Natalie Chandler

Total Rewards Manager, Salo LLC

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