Hallie Espel-Huynh

Behavior Research Scientist

Dr. Hallie Espel-Huynh is a Behavior Research Scientist at Calm and a clinical psychologist by training. Her research aims to maximize the positive impact of digital and behavioral health interventions in the community. This work often involves teaming up with community and industry partners to study the real-world impact of evidence-based digital interventions across large, multi-site organizations. She has expertise in implementation science, which helps to identify why and how interventions are successfully implemented in real-world settings. Dr. Espel-Huynh takes a mixed-methods approach to this work, in that she applies advanced quantitative analyses (e.g., forecasting, machine learning, and examining objective user engagement metrics) to quantify the impacts of these interventions, then integrates those numbers with qualitative data that highlight the unique, first-hand perspectives of key stakeholders like organizational leaders and app users themselves. She has a special interest in ensuring these digital tools are available to and meet the needs of underserved populations, including those of racial/ethnic minority identity and individuals experiencing access-to-care barriers for mental health. She is trained in a variety of mindfulness-based interventions for behavioral health, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and is an avid yoga/meditation practitioner herself.

Before joining Calm, Dr. Espel-Huynh was an Assistant Professor (Research) at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She has received grant funding from a variety of sources to support her research, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She received her doctoral training in clinical psychology from Drexel University, and she completed her predoctoral clinical psychology internship and NIH T32 postdoctoral fellowship in Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine at Brown University before transitioning to her faculty role.

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