Improving retention comes down to offering the right support.

Effective employee retention is critical to long-term company success. With labor shortages, high burnout, and layoffs affecting many industries, ensuring employee loyalty and mental well-being is more important than ever.

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4 Strategies to Increase Employee Retention

With workplace stress & burnout at an all-time high, here are four ways to enhance employee retention and loyalty.

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The positive impact of Calm Business across the global workforce

We recognized some of our employees had high stress levels at work even prior to the pandemic. Burnout was real and it affected our retention rate. To help address mental well-being, we wanted to provide our employees with Calm Business to tackle stress early and help prevent further mental health needs down the road.

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How companies are supporting mental health in the new world of work

HR/benefit leaders share how they partner with Calm Business to support the mental health of their diverse and dispersed workforce to drive engagement and retention.

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