Zendesk’s Mental Health Strategy to Reduce Workplace Stress & Burnout

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According to the latest research from the Harvard Business Review, 82% of executives say workplace stress is a problem at their organization. But the good news is, employers aren’t powerless–they have the ability to equip their employees with tools and programs that can help reduce stress and support mental wellness. 

Because mental health is the foundation of your workforce’s ability to be engaged, productive, and creative, forward-thinking organizations like Zendesk aren’t just making mental health a priority— they’re reinventing the way work gets done to support mental health. 

Join Zendesk’s Senior Program Manager for Global Benefits & Well-being and Calm’s Head of Talent Development as they share:

  • The latest research on the link between workplace stress and mental health 
  • How Zendesk takes a three-pronged mental health approach to address the root causes of workplace stress
  • How Zendesk leverages Calm Business to help employees manage stress, reduce burnout, and enhance productivity


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Sarah Tobin

Head of Talent Development at Calm

Sarah is Head of Talent Development at Calm. Sarah has a master’s degree in psychology and uses her awareness of mental health, human motivation, and behavior change to help organizations create a high-performing workplace culture. At Calm, Sarah is responsible for learning and development, engagement, culture and community, leadership development, onboarding, DE&I, and performance management. Previously, Sarah was head of employee experience at Uber and worked as a Human Capital consultant with Deloitte.

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Jen Bergman

Sr. Program Manager, Global Benefits & Well-being, Zendesk

Jen is the Senior Program Manager for benefits and global well-being at Zendesk and is responsible for delivery and development of the organization’s approach to well-being. Before joining Zendesk, Jen spent over 15 years at a number of Fortune 500 companies and across a variety of industries, where she focused on strategy and design of benefits and well-being programs and developing healthcare delivery recommendations. Jen is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Human Ecology and received her Master of Public Health from Columbia University. She is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but is a New Yorker at heart.