How Sacred Heart University Tackles Workplace Stress & Burnout Through a Holistic Approach to Mental Health

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Workplace stress reached an all-time high in 2022 according to Gallup. 82% of respondents familiar with their organization’s mental wellness and stress management programs (or lack thereof) agree that workplace stress is a problem at their organization. Understanding that persistent stress can lead to poor performance on the job and more serious mental health conditions, Sacred Heart University took on the challenge of building a holistic culture of support for employee mental health and well-being to reduce burnout, manage stress, and improve sleep.

In this webinar, the Manager of Employee Wellness at Sacred Heart University and Calm’s Vice President of Customer Success will share:

  • The latest research on the impact of workplace stress on mental health
  • How Sacred Heart University expanded its wellness offerings to cultivate a supportive culture around mental health and wellness
  • How Sacred Heart University encourages employee self-care by providing total wellness tools and integrating mental health breaks into the workday


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Nina Bankar

VP, Customer Success, Calm

Nina Bankar is the Vice President of Customer Success at Calm. She has spent the past 20+ years in Customer Success roles at Peoplesoft | Oracle, Salesforce, Box, and spent several years providing strategic consulting to a variety of technology companies. Nina is passionate about building teams that focus on customer engagement, adoption, support and training.

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Daniel Warzoha

Manager of Employee Wellness, Sacred Heart University

Daniel Warzoha is the Manager of Employee Wellness at Sacred Heart University where he is responsible for maintaining and implementing wellness initiatives that cultivate employee mental well-being.