Strategies for Leveraging Data Insights to Tailor Your Mental Health Support with Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

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According to the latest research from ReWorked INSIGHTS, 61% of benefits leaders say mental health is a higher priority in the current economic climate. Employers recognize that their employees’ mental health is even more vulnerable, and supporting their well-being is critical. But how are organizations emphasizing mental health support in a way that enhances engagement and reflects shifting workforce needs?

Join the Employee Experience Manager from Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and Calm’s Vice President of Customer Success as they discuss: 

  • New research into how employers are maximizing their mental health benefits in the current economic climate
  • Insights into what’s missing in current mental health benefits strategies
  • A blueprint for mental health benefits success
  • How Calm Business’ new suite of product features can help provide real-time employee insights to tailor your mental health support & drive higher engagement


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Scott Brown

Employee Experience Manager, ERM

An Employee Experience Manager with just over 10 years of experience across Human Resources/People Functions, Scott Brown has been with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) for 4 years and has been an integral part of their mental health and wellbeing strategy. ERM have partnered with Calm for the past 2 years to help provide ERMers with the tools and expertise to help them relax, focus and get better sleep.

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Nina Bankar

VP, Customer Success, Calm

Nina Bankar is the Vice President of Customer Success at Calm. She has spent the past 20+ years in Customer Success roles at Peoplesoft | Oracle, Salesforce, Box, and spent several years providing strategic consulting to a variety of technology companies. Nina is passionate about building teams that focus on customer engagement, adoption, support and training.