How McDonald’s GBS Empowered Employee Self-Care to Drive Productivity

In the new remote/hybrid workplace, work/life boundaries are blurred and workplace stress is a top driver of mental health needs.  Recognizing that mental health directly affects business performance, innovation, and culture, McDonald’s Global Business Service (GBS) empowered employee self-care to address workplace stress, work/life balance, and mental well-being.

In this webinar, the Director of Global Business Services at McDonald’s and Calm’s Chief Clinical Officer will share:

  • Emerging mental health challenges in the new world of work based on the latest research
  • How McDonald’s Global Business Service empowered employees with self-care tools to enhance mental well-being and workplace productivity  
  • How McDonald’s Global Business Service integrates mental health breaks in the workday to drive higher employee performance 


Danette Clarno

Director, Global Business Services Experience Teams, McDonald's Corporation

Danette Clarno has worked for McDonald’s for 26 years in their Global Business Services Department and the last 17 years in a leadership role. She holds a bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration. In her current role as the Director of the Experience Team, she leads the Customer and Employee Experience and Change Management teams. In her career at McDonald’s, she has held 11 different positions in 3 different lines of business. She is a proud recipient of the McDonald’s President’s Award (top 1 % of McDonald’s employees globally), multiple Shared Services Awards, Shining Light Award, and the Peerosity Presenter of the year award. She is an advocate for people and diversity within her organization and believes that whole physical and mental health is obtainable for all of us. She currently lives in Ohio with her husband, her son and her daughter (when she’s home from University).

a man wearing glasses and a suit smiling

Dr. Chris Mosunic

Chief Clinical Officer, Calm

Chris Mosunic is a licensed clinical psychologist and registered dietitian specializing in forming, scaling, and managing large provider teams and networks at healthcare start-ups and both privately and publicly held healthcare organizations. Before his current role as the chief clinical officer at Calm, Chris served as an executive healthcare leader at Yale New Haven Health, Johnson and Johnson, Rivermend Health, Advanced Recovery Systems, and Vida Health.

Chris received his undergraduate degree in biology and psychology from Bucknell University, his MS in nutritional biochemistry from Tufts, his PhD in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt, and his MBA from Yale.