Creating a Culture of Mindfulness and Well-Being with Culture Amp

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Creating a well-being strategy is exciting but daunting work. In this webinar, Culture Amp and Calm share steps to overcome challenges that may be in your way, and help you determine which elements to include in your employee well-being programs.

This webinar covers:

  • How stress shows up at work and why it’s on the rise, with insights from experts Claire Clarke, Community Manager at Calm for Business, and Charlotte Burt, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp
  • What workplace mental well-being looks like in your employees, and how to support mental well-being through programming
  • What to include in your mental well-being strategy, and how to get genuine buy-in (not just a sign-off) from your fellow leaders to prioritize mental health across your organization


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Charlotte Burt

Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp

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Ekta Khanna

Customer Success Coach, Culture Amp

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Claire Clarke

Community Manager at Calm

Claire has dedicated her career to helping people and organizations become happier and healthier. As a health promotion practitioner, facilitator, and coach, she brings expertise in positive psychology, mindfulness, and resilience. At Calm, Claire supports Calm for Business partners globally in building a culture of better mental health and workplace well-being.