How Greater Toronto Airports Authority Brings Personalized Mental Health Support to a Dispersed Workforce

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A new world of work emerged in the wake of the pandemic and employers are putting mental health benefits at the top of their priority list. With workplace stress, burnout, and anxiety serving as key risk factors for more serious mental health conditions, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority wanted to provide their employees with accessible, bespoke mental health tools to support employee well-being. As part of their Work Environment of the Future and Wellness strategies, they focused on bringing in tools to improve stress management and help their people build healthy habits.

In this webinar, two Program Managers for Organizational Development at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Calm’s Chief People Officer will share:

  • How the Greater Toronto Airports Authority addresses employee stress and burnout across its unique “on-the-feet” and hybrid workforce
  • How the Greater Toronto Airports Authority innovated “out-of-the-box” solutions and brought wellness to a dispersed employee population
  • How the Greater Toronto Airports Authority leverages digital tools to provide a personalized, “choose-your-own-adventure” approach to mental health support
  • Key insights and recommendations for HR/benefits professionals


Corrinne Burling

Program Manager, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

As a seasoned communications professional and relationship manager working in Public Relations and Corporate and Employee Communications for the majority of her career, Corrinne transitioned to Organizational Learning at the GTAA in 2020, leading the growth and development of Pearson Aviation Academy, an exclusive corporate learning program. In the fall of 2022, she joined the Organizational Development and Talent Management team and focused her efforts on planning employee wellness initiatives and content strategy for 2023. As a lifelong learner, Corrinne is committed to supporting aspiring new professionals and has shared her experience with students while teaching Internal Communications and Principles of PR at Toronto’s Seneca College. She is also a Prosci® certified change management practitioner, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing from York University, a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and a certificate in Teaching and Training Adults.

Kelly Caldeira

Program Manager, Organizational Development, Human Resources, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Following a successful career in Airport Operations, Kelly transitioned to Organizational Development and Talent Management in January 2022 and has successfully led the growth of the GTAA Employee Wellness program, leading and implementing wellness initiatives to create a culture of holistic wellbeing at the GTAA. Kelly is also an integral part of the Work Environment of the Future project team, playing a key role in building trials and programs to support organizational change. Additionally, Kelly holds several certifications, including a Human Resources Management certification from Humber College, certification and background in Special Event planning, and a focus in Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.

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Scott Domann

Chief People Officer, Calm

​​Scott Domann is Chief People Officer of Calm, where he oversees people, learning and development, the recruitment of top talent, and operations. Throughout his career, Scott has led teams at start-ups and large companies, and he continues to create a culture founded in inclusion, creativity, and positive action. He has headed People and HR teams at leading companies such as Honey, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Disney, and Warner Bros. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kansas and a master’s degree in organizational and industrial psychology from New York University (NYU).