Calm Business and Motion Picture Industry Health Plan Come Together to Offer Entertainment Workers Free Mental Health Resources

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Sept 29, 2023) — Today, Calm Business and the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan (“MPI”) announced they are providing Calm for free to all active and retired participants to support their mental health. MPI participants include a range of entertainment workers such as cinematographers, makeup artists, editors, and more.

The entertainment industry has long grappled with growing mental health challenges among its workers. Studies show rates of depression and anxiety are significantly higher among entertainment industry professionals than the general population. And with recent strikes, workers faced increased stressors and uncertainty impacting their mental health. 

MPI’s participants will gain access to Calm’s complete library of mental health tools including mindfulness and meditation exercises, Sleep Stories, stress and anxiety programs, and more. 

“We’re proud to bring Calm to an industry that has long asked for more mental health support,” said David Ko, Calm CEO. “We are committed to expanding access to our transformational mental health resources through partnerships with entertainment houses and organizations such as MPI.” 

Calm is the latest addition to MPI’s emotional and mental well-being benefits to support its active and retired participants. In addition to Calm, MPI offers an array of mental health benefits, including access to an employee assistance program and a behavioral health plan. MPI also offers a wellness program with a wide range of tools so participants and their dependents can improve their overall health.

“MPI is pleased to partner with Calm and offer its mental health tools, free-of-charge, to our participants,” said David Asplund, MPI CEO. “Mental health is of paramount importance to MPI’s Board of Directors, and Calm perfectly complements MPI’s other mental health offerings.”  

Calm Business is Calm’s workplace mental health offering supporting the unique mental health needs of employees across industries. Today, Calm Business supports over 3,500 workplaces including Accenture, KraftHeinz, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Deloitte, ASICS and Capital One. 

About Calm Business 

Calm Business, Calm’s workplace mental health solution, helps organizations globally take a proactive and preventative approach to mental health in the workplace to improve employee productivity, engagement and overall well-being. Through Calm Business organizations gain access to Calm — the #1 most trusted mental health app with a library of engaging and outcome-based content such as meditation and mindfulness exercises, Sleep Stories, for work content, stress and anxiety programs and more. In addition, Calm Business offers organization-level analytics, insights and reporting, dedicated customer service, support for dependents, and tailored workshops. Calm Business supports more than 3,500 organizations around the world including Accenture, KraftHeinz, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Deloitte, ASICS and Capital One. Learn more at

About Motion Picture Industry Health Plans (“MPI”)

Established in 1952, the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan currently provides health benefits to approximately 77,000 industry workers, including 62,000 active and 15,000 retired participants. 


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