Your Guide to a Successful Employee Well-Being Strategy: Practical Tips for the Modern Workplace

a book with the title your guide to a successful employee well - being strategy

Get a complete guide to planning, launching, and measuring an employee well-being strategy. In this guide by Calm and Culture Amp, see why mental well-being should be your top priority for reducing burnout and increasing employee engagement.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • The science behind mental well-being at work, how well-being is different than wellness, and why you should focus on well-being now
  • How stress and burnout lead to employee absenteeism, poor performance, and turnover—and what to do about it as an HR leader
  • The pillars of a successful employee well-being strategy, including planning tips on how to get true leadership buy-in
  • How to use mental fitness tools to supplement your employee well-being strategy