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Sierra Nevada Prioritizes Mental Health with Use of Calm

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Employee well-being is top priority for Sierra Nevada. It’s ingrained in their core company values since day one. But the difficulty to establish a robust wellness culture amongst employees settled in when the pandemic moved them towards a distributed, fully-remote organization. Sierra Nevada also wanted to meet employees where they were based on their comfort levels with mental health, diverse backgrounds, and individual needs. Partnering with Calm enabled their employees to access mental health resources and tools anytime, anywhere. Ultimately, they were receiving the support they needed for both professional and personal challenges.  

In this case study, you’ll learn: 

  • How Sierra Nevada prioritizes mental well-being and integrates Calm as part of their organizational culture
  • Why Calm is Sierra Nevada’s preferred mental health tool for their diverse employee base
  • How Sierra Nevada’s employees proactively shared the value and impact of Calm with organizational leaders