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Reducing Stress Is Critical for Long-term Employee Health and Well-being

This National Stress Awareness Month, explore Calm resources to regain balance and mental well-being in the face of peak pressure, overwork, and stress.

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Short-term stress is a normal part of life that can benefit us in important ways. Stress and anxiousness can sharpen our focus on a critical task, for example, or alert us to danger. Our bodies are designed to respond emotionally, mentally, and physically to challenging situations.

Chronic stress, however, can take a significant toll on health and well-being. Prolonged stress can quickly lead to burnout, negatively affecting mental well-being and productivity. It can disrupt sleep and lead to a wide range of physical health challenges, from headaches and digestive issues to high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. And persistent stress can cause serious mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. In fact, a birth cohort study estimated that 45% of cases of depression and anxiety in previously healthy young workers were attributable to job stress. 

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Work-related challenges are the top source of stress post-pandemic

Unfortunately, stress and anxiousness are nearly universal in the new world of work, especially among diverse and younger employee populations. According to Calm research on 2023 workforce mental health trends, about 60% of Gen Zers and nearly 50% of Hispanic respondents reported feeling stressed or anxious more than half or nearly all the time. Work-related challenges were the primary reason.  

Chart shows work-related challenges are top source of stress

A selection of Calm resources to manage stress, anxiousness, and sleep and regain balance

In recognition of National Stress Awareness Month, we’ve curated a selection of Calm resources to help employees de-stress on the job, regain balance, and wind down at the end of the day. Many of these resources take only a few minutes and can go a long way toward reducing stress and anxiousness in the moment and over the long term.

  • Pump the Brakes on Stress with Jay Shetty 
    A short practice to regain control of the mind and body

    Calm’s Chief Purpose Officer Jay Shetty is a former monk, best-selling author, and purpose coach. Shetty’s experience living as a monk showed him how to find purpose, manage negativity, build confidence, and overcome fears. His vision is to make timeless wisdom and behavioral science about life and the mind more accessible, relevant, and practical for all people.  
  • Managing Overwhelm with Chibs Okereke  
    A five-minute anchoring meditation to settle the mind 

    Chibs Okereke is an experienced stress and burnout specialist and Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator (MBSR). He provides organizations, teams, and individuals with practical, scientifically validated mindfulness, mindset, and productivity tools to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and get more done in less time.  
  • Shut Down Routine with Chibs Okereke 
    A shut-down routine to help end the workday in an intentional way
  • Overcome Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Julie Smith
    Eleven tools to overcome acute anxiety and chronic stress and build confidence for life

    Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist and online educator whose mission is to help people thrive. She strives to make top-quality mental health education accessible online so that even those who cannot access therapy can get off to the best possible start in their recovery journey. 
  • Quieting the Mind and Body with Megan Reitz
    A soothing body scan to help settle into sleep

    Megan Reitz is a facilitator, teacher, speaker, executive coach, researcher, and author dedicated to exploring and finding ways to improve the way we interact with one another in the workplace.

More collections to improve employee well-being

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Get relief from feelings of stress, anxiousness, and panic and find your balance with this collection of soundscapes, music, grounding and breathing exercises, and other programs  
  • Work Life: Unplug, relax, or incorporate movement into the workday with this collection of wellness tools.

Whether you’re an HR or benefits leader supporting employee mental health or an employee experiencing stress or anxiousness, Calm is ready to help you. Carve out time for self-care and try one of our resources. Just a few minutes a day can help you manage and reduce your stress levels.  

For more information on reducing employee stress and supporting mental well-being, connect with our Calm specialist today

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