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Help Employees Kick Start Their Growth in 2024 with Purpose Coach Jay Shetty

New Year’s resolutions can set up employees for failure. This new year, help them accelerate their growth in just 3 minutes a day.

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Goal setting is a fundamental part of the employee experience. Most organizations value and reward employees when they meet or exceed agreed-upon goals and expectations. But when goals are unrealistic or don’t have a plan behind them, they can create anxiety or set us up for failure.

New Year’s resolutions are a prime example. Just 5% of Americans who typically make New Year’s resolutions actually adhere to them for a full year. Instead of feeling inspired by their resolutions, nearly half of people feel pressured by them, and one third feel they’re a chore

Support employee “growth setting” instead of goal setting this New Year’s

This New Year’s, encourage your employees to ditch the resolutions and try growth setting instead. Starting January 1, 2024, employees can join Jay Shetty, New York Times bestselling author and Calm’s Chief Purpose Officer, for an accelerated journey toward the person they want to be. In 7 Days of Growth with Jay Shetty, employees will learn the skills of presence, calm, and confidence to kickstart their growth in the new year. 

Goals vs. Growth

Goals are the outcomes that people aspire to achieve. But what are the qualities and attributes that are going to help them get there? Patience, focus and resilience are a few.

To quote Jay: “Goals are about what you want to do in this world. Growth is about who you’re going to be in this life.” When employees focus on growth, they’re setting themselves up to achieve their goals, whether those goals are personal or professional.

7 Days of Growth

In his new video series on Calm, Jay explores the topic of growth setting and how it can be a mindful and effective way to achieve goals. Each day, employees can watch a new three-minute video and learn a new skill. It’s like having Jay as a personal coach for a week. 

Here’s a breakdown of the 7 new skills viewers will learn:

  • The Skill of Presence: A simple yet powerful tool to harness your attention in any moment
  • Shift Your Mindset: See the immediate impact of Jay’s 3-step gratitude practice
  • Setting Daily Intentions: Learn the habit of being intentional in everyday interactions
  • How to Soften Your Emotions: Jay reveals the key to softening intense emotions
  • Letting Go of Control: Try this 2-minute process to release control and respond wisely 
  • Reframing Your Self-Talk: An easy technique to create a healthier relationship with yourself
  • Lowering Your Stress Level: A quick sensory practice to de-stress anytime, anywhere

The series is designed to help people establish sustainable habits as they start 2024. It’s especially relevant in January but will be available at any time throughout the year. And for employees who feel inspired to keep going, they can join Jay for The Daily Jay, a 7-minute daily session on Calm. Each day offers a new story and short mindfulness exercise.

For more information about supporting the growth and goals of your employees, connect with a Calm specialist today.

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