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Celebrating Women Who Work to Lift Up All People

In honor of Women’s History Month, explore Calm wisdom, music, and Sleep Stories authored, narrated, and composed by women dedicated to helping everyone live healthier, happier lives.

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The Calm Team

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This year’s Women’s History Month, beginning March 1, honors the women who embrace and uplift people of all backgrounds, races, genders, ages, and perspectives. Throughout history, women have advocated for equal opportunities for all people, knowing that we all benefit when everyone thrives. 

At Calm, we honor and celebrate the women who are using their expertise, artistry, and voices to help others live healthier, happier lives. A Calm survey of more than 4,000 adults shows that an alarming percentage of people are struggling with anxiousness, depression, sleep, focus and grief. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they’ve felt unable to stop or control worrying in the past month, for example. Sixty-nine percent said they’ve experienced having little interest or pleasure in doing things.  

We’re excited to share a selection of Calm content authored, narrated, and composed by women to help people manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, and feel more present in their lives. We encourage you and your employees to listen to some wisdom, start the day with soothing music, or take some time to move mindfully between meetings. 


  • Build Habits that Actually Stick with Dr. Julie Smith
    Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist with more than a decade of experience empowering clients through the most challenging times in their lives. In Build Habits that Actually Stick, she helps you make lasting changes with simple tools rooted in clinical psychology.

Sleep Stories

  • The Artist: Georgia, Enchanted narrated by Sarah Niles
    Sarah Niles is a British film, television, and theater actress, most notable for her performance as Dr. Sharon Fieldstone in Ted Lasso. Join her on a journey to explore the colors of the New Mexico desert through the eyes of painter Georgia O’Keeffe.
  • Behind the Velvet Curtain narrated by Cynthia Erivo
    Find your inner focus as world-class thespian Cynthia Erivo takes you backstage. Erivo is a Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress, singer, and producer. 


  • Love In, Love Out, The Daily Move with Mel Mah
    It’s easy to get focused on caring for others and not take much time to care for ourselves. In this session of The Daily Move, find the balance with a “love in love out” rhythm led by yoga and mindfulness teacher Mel Mah.


  • Aftercare (Sunrise Mix) by Imogen Heap
    Imogen Heap is a Grammy-winning, self-produced British recording artist. Listen to her exclusive Calm mix for sunrise to meet the morning with an acceptance and presence in conscious breath.

This Women’s History Month and beyond, let’s honor the women who work to improve the mental well-being of all people. For more information about how Calm can support your diverse workforce, connect with a Calm specialist today.

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