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Calm’s Mental Health Resources for Native American Employees

This Native American Heritage month, explore curated Calm resources that both highlight Native American culture and provide mental health support for Native American employees.

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The Calm Team

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November is Native American Heritage Month in the United States, and we wanted to take this time to provide mental health support for Native American employees and increase awareness of Native American culture in your wider workforce.

Close to 1 million Native Americans in the US have experienced a mental illness. They’re 2.5 times more likely than others to have serious psychological distress. And mental health treatment and resources are less accessible to many Native American communities. By taking a preventive approach as an employer, you’re contributing to a more equitable environment for your Native American employees and their families and helping them receive needed mental health support. 

Calm resources to support Native American employees

Here’s a curated selection of Calm resources that features sleep stories and music from Native American mindfulness experts and artists. We’ve also added content from other popular experts on Calm, so your Native American employees can access daily mental health support anytime, anywhere. 

  1. Dreams of He Sapa
    In this 36-minute sleep story, let the spirit of Lakota wisdom guide you through the South Dakota prairie. Dreams of He Sapa is narrated by Zahn McClarnon, a Lakota Irish actor, and developed with Loretta Jordan, Zahn’s mother. The opening music, a Lakota lullaby, was composed and sung by Lakota artists.

  2. Night Chants – Native American Flute Music
    With this one-hour album of 10 soundtracks, experience the evocative sound of Native American music. The Night Chants album was recorded by R. Carlos Nakai, a Navajo-Ute musician who is considered the premier player of the Native American cedar flute. The album was created in collaboration with Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona, a producer and distributor of Native American music. It’s one of the oldest independent record labels in the music industry as well as one of the oldest cultural institutions in the state of Arizona. Nakai has recorded over 30 albums with Canyon Records, including two certified gold and Canyon Trilogy, certified platinum.
  3. Daily Jay Series
    The Daily Jay series is hosted by Jay Shetty, former monk and purpose coach. In it, he helps listeners take care of their mental health as part of their self-care routine. In his daily sessions, all under seven minutes long, listeners will be able to retreat to their inner sanctuary, create positive intentions, and take actionable steps to move toward their ideal life.
  4. Emotions Series
    The Emotions series is hosted by Tamara Levitt, Head of Mindfulness at Calm. She helps listeners regulate strong emotions, such as anxiety, anger, and grief. In each session, all lasting less than 13 minutes, listeners will be able to pause, heal, and manage their strong emotions through a guided meditation practice.
  5. Daily Move Series
    The Daily Move series is hosted by Mel Mah, a yoga and mindfulness teacher. She shares new, guided movement sessions every day that are appropriate for all levels. This is a great way to integrate small mindful exercises in our workday so we can reconnect with our bodies and lower our stress levels. 

Supporting Native American employees beyond this month

Native American Heritage Month is a good time for those of us in the US to keep educating ourselves and supporting the Native American community. Beyond this month, we encourage everyone to proactively welcome and embrace diverse perspectives in wider community initiatives. 

When we do, we honor those who came before us while continuing to build a more resilient nation. When cultural awareness is embedded into our daily lives, we can create intentional environments in which everyone can thrive. 

For more information on how Calm Business can provide mental health benefits to support your Native American employees, click here

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