May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Creating an employee experience that keeps mental wellness in mind isn’t just great for improving your population’s mental health— it cascades into your entire office culture, helping to foster increased motivation, collaboration, productivity, and reduced turnover.

New workplace stress program: “Moments that Matter”

The new video series helps managers and individual contributors navigate difficult work situations for less stress and better engagement.

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Take action this Mental Health Awareness Month:

5-100 People

Team Plan

In just a few simple steps, teams and managers can deploy Calm, offering access to employees within minutes.

101+ People

Enterprise Plan

Request a demo to see how Calm can strategically partner with you to achieve your organization’s mental health and productivity goals.

Self-Insured Employer/Payer

Calm Health

Meet with an expert to learn more about this comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant platform that is designed to provide users with solutions for condition-specific needs.

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