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HR Fireside Chat: Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

In this recording, HR leaders from Calm, Ogilvy, and Blumhouse Productions will discuss the past year, its impact on mental health in the workplace, and ways to create space for mental health and well-being at work—and beyond.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Leading with vulnerability and empathy
  • How diversity and inclusion factor into mental health at work
  • Reducing stigma around mental health conversations at work

Watch the webinar on-demand

Speaker Bios

Scott Domann

Scott Domann, Chief People Officer at Calm

​​Scott joined Calm in July 2020, where he oversees HR, learning and development, recruitment, and operations. He’s committed to bringing Calm to businesses everywhere, to help improveemployee mental wellness and resilience. He has made it his mission to create organizational cultures founded in inclusion, creativity, and positive action.

James Nicholas Kinney

James Nicholas Kinney, Global Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer and North American Chief People Officer at Ogilvy

James is a global diversity and marketing executive, author, and speaker who has held roles both as an external consultant and an in-house practitioner—most recently in Ogilvy. His influence can be felt in the numerous companies he’s helped over the years, having helped them achieve their diversity, branding, and employee welfare goals in nonhomogenous markets and cultures.

Karine Shahar

Karine Shahar, Chief Human Resources Officer at Blumhouse Productions

Karine is a seasoned executive who has led People Operations across diverse industries globally. Having joined Blumhouse Productions in February 2019, she uses her experience in behavioral analytics, L&D, coaching, DEI, and change management to foster a culture of self-awareness, leveraging and solving business challenges through talent.