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Practical Mindfulness at Work

Tools to Reduce Burnout for HR Leaders

It’s an undoubtedly challenging time to be working in the HR industry. Burnout is on the rise in employee populations; so is burnout across HR leaders tasked with supporting their populations through a difficult time. In this practical session led by stress reduction expert Chibs Okereke, learn how to support your self-care while in a helping profession during a time of widespread burnout. 

What to expect:

  • Explore practical mindfulness tools to reduce COVID-related burnout, especially for those in helping professions like HR
  • Learn how to apply these practical tools to reduce your risk of burnout
  • Discover how to help prevent burnout within your organization—from a place of reduced burnout in yourself first

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Chibs Okereke

Chibs Okereke

Chibs Okereke is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator. He provides tools to help organizations, teams, and individuals reduce and manage stress and burnout. Following a period of severe burnout that had a disastrous effect on his mental and physical health, Chibs stepped down as CEO of his business to repair the damage to his health. Chibs created a unique framework, integrating MBSR techniques, positive psychology tools, and years of hands-on experience working with the nervous system. He now shares this framework as a stress and burnout expert.