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Navigating Change in the Workplace

The workplace is always in a state of flux, and constant change can create a stressful work environment. In this webinar, we’ll explore how HR professionals and business leaders can use change management principles, mindful leadership coaching, and behavioral science to care for their workforce during times of uncertainty. 

Join us for an educational on-demand session offering a framework to help employees navigate change in the workplace. We’ll explore:

  • The role that proactive employer communication plays in mitigating resistance and supporting employees through change 
  • How to recognize and respond swiftly to the needs of your employees as they arise during a period of change

Access the Navigating Change Resource Guide here.

Watch the webinar on-demand

Facilitator Bio

mary prefontaine

Mary Prefontaine, Executive Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

Mary is the co-founder of Hallam Prefontaine + Associates, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in leader development. Mary has senior leadership experience in tourism, the arts, and business, along with serving as the CEO of the Institute for Career Advancement Needs, a professional leadership development nonprofit. Mary’s personal philosophy is simple: “To understand leadership, you must understand people, and to understand people, you must understand yourself.”

claire clarke

Claire Clarke, M.S., Community Manager at Calm for Business

Claire has dedicated her career to helping people and organizations become happier and healthier. As a health promotion practitioner, facilitator, and coach, she brings expertise in positive psychology, mindfulness, and resilience. At Calm, Claire supports Calm for Business partners globally in building a culture of better mental health and workplace well-being.