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Tailored wellness, thriving workforce

Give your team the support they need, so they can show up fully for themselves and your business.

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Content tailored to your employees’ personal needs

Approachable mental health practices that are engaging, culturally relevant, and diverse

  • Guidance from wellness experts and celebrities, with 42% BIPOC narrator representation
  • Mindful sessions to help navigate current events and better understand unique perspectives
  • Support for the whole family including the little ones—Calm Kids content designed specially for them
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Our solutions allow your employees (and your bottom line) to thrive.

With the Calm Business Enterprise Plan, you can:

  • Activate a mental health program within minutes
  • Track your team’s progress towards mental health goals with behavioral analytics
  • Access content designed to help employees strengthen their mental wellness before, during, and after work

Join 3000+ organizations that trust Calm in supporting 20 million+ employees globally.

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Frequently asked questions

Calm Business is an enterprise-level, corporate wellness solution that brings preventive mental health front and center for organizations around the globe. We believe that every company’s future is dependent on employees feeling and being their best, which leads to increased productivity and improved retention. Through Calm for Organizations, organizations gain access to Calm—the #1, most-trusted meditation and mindfulness app with a variety of offerings, from engaging mental wellness exercises and masterclasses to sleep stories.

Yes. Calm Business is being used in over 190 countries around the globe, and our content has been translated into seven languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese.

The Calm Business Enterprise Plan is for organizations, nonprofits and schools with 5+ employees and offers a robust set of advanced engagement features, behavioral analytics, and access for dependents. Each individual receives access to the full Calm content library, which is the same in-app experience found in an individually purchased subscription to Calm Premium. 

Additionally, Enterprise Plan customers receive access to the following:

  • Our Calm Business Partner Portal, a self-serve management and analytics platform that allows you to manage team members and assess your team’s Calm usage at any time
  • Employee engagement resources to drive activation and ongoing use of Calm’s diverse in-app content
  • Exclusive, topical webinars and events throughout the year

You can purchase 5 – 500 seats of the Enterprise plan online with a credit/debit card and get activated within minutes. If you are interested in purchasing Calm for more than 500 employees, you can book a demo here to learn more. 

The cost of our Enterprise Plan is based on the number of covered lives you purchase. Purchasing more seats will lead to a larger discount offer.

When an Enterprise Plan is purchased, the payment method provided at checkout (major credit and debit cards only) will be billed as one up-front payment for the full year at the time of purchase. The subscription is activated immediately and set to automatically renew at the end of each annual billing period.

At this time, we only offer the Enterprise Plan annually. The Enterprise Plan is set to renew annually; auto-renewal can be disabled at any time from within the Calm Partner Portal.

Your Enterprise Plan begins as soon as it is purchased and is set to auto-renew yearly. 

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to the Calm Partner Portal, where you will receive instructions on how to get started. In the Calm Partner Portal, you will upload your list of eligible team members’ email addresses. As soon as the file is uploaded, those employees will be able to activate their Calm account through a unique URL. You will also be offered suggestions for how to communicate the activation instructions with your employees.

People you invite to join your Calm account can redeem one of the seats at any time as long as the Team Plan is active. The timing of the redemptions will not change the auto-renewal date of the subscription. For example, if a team member waits three months to redeem their seat, the auto-renewal date of the subscription will still be one year from the date of purchase.

Please visit our Help Center here or reach out to our Support Team here.