Calm Business for HR & Benefits Leaders

Being an HR and Benefits leader comes with many challenges, but making mental health accessible to your organization shouldn’t be one of them. At Calm Business, we partner with you to build a mental health culture that is engaging and supportive.

In our demo, you’ll learn about Calm Business':

  • Proactive approach to mental health that your employees, and their families, can use anytime, anywhere
  • Enterprise-grade set of tools that are easy to onboard, customize, and manage, so you can start making progress against your goals on day one
  • Preventive mental health solution that’s built to add value to your current benefits package


We like Calm’s focus on cultural relevance when it comes to mental health. It’s a platform that taps into instructors from local regions and ethnicities to develop culturally relevant mental health resources. It’s not just a bot translation.

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Jen Bergman

Global Benefits & Well-Being Program Manager at Zendesk

We found that Calm Business is a tangible, easy-to-use benefit with immediate effects. It’s really important that we proactively reduce stress and anxiety and offer a preventive mental health tool as a first step for employees who are struggling. That’s how I see Calm Business, and I’m proud to offer it to our employees.

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Katja Meeuwsen-Nass


Every month, we put Calm’s mindful living calendars on our company intranet. We also print and post them on our chalkboards in different areas of our breweries. We realized this was popular when we didn’t have them posted on the first of one month and started getting emails from employees.

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Andie Callahan

Wellness Manager at Sierra Nevada

Burnout is a huge stressor that healthcare as an industry is going through. . . Calm has the ability to help reduce some of those side effects of stress and burnout.

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Kristen Ruble

Well-Being Manager at Parkview Health

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