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Calm Business is the industry-leading solution designed with your employees in mind—improving their productivity, workplace engagement, and overall well-being

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Join 3500+ organizations that trust Calm Business in supporting 10 million+ employees across the globe

When your employees thrive, your whole organization thrives

Content tailored to your employees’ personal needs

Approachable mental health practices that are engaging, culturally relevant, and diverse.

  • Guidance from wellness experts and celebrities, with 43% BIPOC narrator representation
  • Mindful in-app sessions and expert-led Calm Workshops to help navigate current events and better understand unique perspectives
  • Support for the whole family, including the little ones—Calm Kids content is designed specially for them
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User-friendly platform built for enterprise benefits leaders

Quickly and comprehensively make mental wellness a priority today with our enterprise-grade tools and resources, so you can focus on the long term.

  • Activate your Calm Business platform using an employee roster method of your choice
  • Get smarter about your organization’s mental health needs through robust, segmentable analytics
  • Take action by utilizing engagement-boosting employee resources from Calm
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Critical business outcomes measured with proper rigor

Leveraging Calm Science, we deliver evidence-based results that are meaningful to your organization and your employees when it comes to protecting their mental health.

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